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LATEST TENDER is one of the India's largest tender marketplace.

Founded by Ankit Teotia in India in 2010, Latest tender has grown to be one of the leading Tender / Bid consulting companies in India.Over the last 12 years, the name has grown in strength, reinforced by the values we have developed as a business and our key message to Clients is that we are here to Support them. Whether that’s in finding Opportunities on our Monthly Tender Search Service or in Writing, Reviewing, Compiling and Submitting their Tender Responses. We provide a straightforward Service which is easy to understand and we needed a name that would reflect that.

Our Team of specialists are experienced and expert in their fields of work, with a number of in-house Consultants and Associate Partners, we offer an unrivalled breadth of knowledge. Our tried and tested methodology can be transferred across all sectors and industries enabling us to guide Clients of all shapes and sizes through the different stages of securing Contracts, Framework Places and Funding.

At Bid and Tender Support our focus is on providing businesses and organisations with a flexible, successful and affordable solutions to winning more work. We deliver a bespoke and tailor-made service taking into consideration your individual needs and requirements, allowing you to focus on the day job. Our work is managed and conducted in-house to ensure the highest levels of Customer Service, Quality and Confidentiality.

Your requirements may only be for additional resource during peak time or it may be that you need a Bid Team to utilise on a monthly basis – either way we can offer support. Our Services include covering periods of change, emergency cover due to illness, holiday or maternity and additional resource for an existing Team for Bid Writing and Review Services.

Over the last 11+ years our Team have won Hundereds of Public and Private Sector Contracts. Our win rate is over 66% and we offer a unique guarantee that we will support you every single step of the way not just with the writing.

Why Choose Us

Choosing a company name is the first step in developing a strong identity and brand. It’s also going to be the first thing new Customers and Contacts see.LATEST TENDER, as it communicates clearly what we do without much need to explain the type of business we are.

  • Choosing the Right Bid Opportunities.

  • Understanding the tender instructions and documentation including Marking Criteria.

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