Bid Strategy

Developing a Bid Strategy

Businesses that fail to prepare must prepare to fail. This could not be truer than in the world of bidding for work. Quite often contracts are lost and submissions fail due to the overall Business Strategy being poorly aligned to the opportunities being targeted by the Business Development Team. Or purely for not having the resources, processes, or strategic operations in place to deliver, weaknesses can then come across in the bid.

By carefully identifying opportunities that are well aligned and by gathering Market and Client Intelligence prior to tendering for work, the rate of success is greatly increased. Knowing your capabilities, market and clients ensures we can construct bids that meet their needs and are competitive. This time-consuming activity is rarely done effectively in-house due to a lack of Human resources.

Our Team can work with you to review the Bid Strategy and Plan and put in place a realistic Framework from which you can win work. Our bid strategy work recognizes the following elements:

• The importance of a Business Growth Plan, Sales Pipeline, and effective Business Development

• Targeted bidding and tendering to lead to increased win rate and profitable work

• Role of Market Research

• Management of multiple bids, teams, and locations

• Centralised consistent approach to bidding

• Overall resource & process management

Creating the Bid Library

Creating Libraries of documents streamlines your future approach to writing bids and tenders reducing time spent on creating winning documents. Filing and managing feedback from unsuccessful tenders is just as important as filing successful tenders; it captures where lessons can be learned and improvements made.

We have a Checklist for creating your Bid Library – get in touch by emailing to request your copy.