Bid Writing / Bid consultancy

To be competitive your Bids have to continuously develop to stay ahead of your competition with added value, social value, and innovation featuring more and more in Proposal requirements. Our team of experienced Bid Writers delivers innovative bids, tenders, and proposal documents that capture the requirements and needs of your clients, helping to maximize the qualitative score of the tender. We provide an efficient, affordable solution to providing bid writing services, with a win rate in excess of 85% across all Clients. 

From writing standard content for Selection Questionnaires (BQQs), responses for Tender documents, Policies, Supporting Information, Presentations, and Proposals, our Services are second to none. We are able to distill large quantities of information into concise high scoring answers with each bid tailored to the exacting needs of the end client.

There may be a number of reasons you need to outsource your Bid Writing, it could be a one-off due to a lack of time or perhaps there is no one within your Organisation with the time or skill set to complete them effectively. By outsourcing this task, internal staff is free to do their day job. The most common reasons Clients turn to us are:

  • To Maximise Quality Score and Seek Improvements.

  • Lack of Time or Day job getting in the way.

  • Lack of Internal Resources/ Required Skills.

  • To Improve Win Rates.

  • To gain an External Perspective.

  • Support in entering new markets and promoting new products and services.