Training & Workshops

Our Personal Development training courses are designed to meet the needs of individual organizations, delivered by expert and experienced professionals. Our training courses will enable your teams to deliver winning Happyness by understanding and developing an effective Personality (Self Development).

Training can either be delivered in-house to your Team, where content is specific to your Company, Industry, and Skills Gaps, or join a walk-in traing program where we cover the essentials in working smart to ensure success in life and Business.

Content Topics and Examples include:

  • Choosing the Right Bid Opportunities.

  • Understanding the tender instructions and documentation including Marking Criteria.

  • Managing the Bid from start to finish.

  • Incorporating Account Managers, Market, and Client Intelligence.

  • Content Planning and Mapping out the Bid.

  • Productive Bid Writing Techniques.

  • Structures for Bid Reviews and Red Team Reviews.

  • Capturing Lessons Learnt and Continuous Improvements.

Our training can be used as Continuous Professional Development for individuals as well as Coaching for achieving the goals of Individual Development Plans.